Letter from the Mayor


Boyle is currently experiencing considerable development interest, residential, commercial, and industrial. I and the council welcome this interest and wish to assist and expedite this however we can. Recent experience with public hearings into re-zonings etc. have shown that the people of Boyle as well, are very supportive of managed growth. We have annexed 6 qtr-sections and it now gives us opportunity for further development. * Tax Concession Policy: http://www.boylealberta.com/files/tax%20concession.pdf

With the recent formation of the Aspen Regional Water Commission, Boyle has more than adequate water and sewage potential as well as having an excellent gas rate plan. Rail, road, and air transportation - business services, and staff are all readily available. Combined with our community’s wide variety of services and amenities for our citizens, we feel that Boyle is well positioned to grow with the Alberta Energy Corridor (AEC) to the north.

On August 11, 2008, with Boyle, the County, and 5 area businesses contributing funds, the Rural Development Initiatives program awarded us a grant to market and plan the AEC.  We are, not unexpectedly, both delighted and very very busy!  Local response has been very positive - see the attached editorial from the local newspaper. http://www.boylealberta.com/files/Athabasca%20Advocate%20Editorial.pdf

If you wish more assistance visiting, exploring, or growing with Boyle, our staff, myself, and the council, are at your service. Please call us at any time.


Don Radmanovich,
Mayor of Boyle


Mayor's Message: http://www.boylealberta.com/mayor.aspx


Updated July 21, 2011